Expert Advice on Redundancy Issues

Davies and Partners' specialist employment team have a significant knowledge base in handling redundancy issues. Our expert employment lawyers have advised a wide range of business from small SME’s making one or two people redundant, through to large Plc’s, charities and educational establishments in managing significant restructures involving hundreds, if not thousands, of employees.

Our team has advised over a 1000 businesses on restructures and redundancy. Our work involves a comprehensive analysis of what your requirements are, and giving you a tailor made service in planning the process, and delivering cost effective advice, managing the process through different stages of planning, consultations and implementation.

If you are planning a redundancy or restructuring, whether large or small, Davies and Partners' specialist employment lawyers will be able to assist in the planning process and “holding your hand” whilst the process is taking place and giving clear advice to help prevent claims to Tribunals. For further advice on Redundancy law issues, please contact our team here.

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