Advice on Disciplinary Issues/Hearings

The disciplinary process can be an extremely stressful period of time for an employee. It is important that he or she has access to advice before going into a disciplinary hearing and Davies and Partners specialist employment lawyers are available to advise employees who are undergoing such a process.

Disciplinary proceedings can cover a wide range of matters from the trivial to the extremely serious. Employees do not have usually have the right to bring a legal representative to these internal proceedings, but they may be accompanied by a work place colleague or a Trade Union Official.

Sometimes an employer will permit a friend of the employee to assist the employee in the process. It is important that employees have access to a copy of the employer’s disciplinary procedure and to observe whether the employer is following that procedure and what steps may be necessary to remedy any defects in the process. Employees may need guidance on any sanction that is imposed by an employer whether that is dismissal, suspension or demotion or a first or final written warning. All properly constructed disciplinary processes should allow for an employee to make an appeal. It is important that an employee exercises his/her full rights of an appeal where appropriate.

If you would like advise on employee displinary issues or displinary hearings please contact our specialist employment law team of expert solicitors who provide advice throughout the UK from offices in Gloucester, Birmingham, Bristol and West London.  Please contact us here

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