Company or Staff Handbooks Advice

Most businesses have a Company Handbook or a Staff Handbook in some shape or form. Often this has evolved over the years and can become quite unwieldy as well as out of date.

Care needs to be taken in drafting the Handbook as its contents can have significant implications if things should go wrong.

A common consideration for businesses is that of whether the Handbook should have contractual effect, be non-contractual or in part contractual and in part non-contractual. This is significant as businesses must comply with contractual parts of the Handbook and can face action against them for failings in this respect. Non-contractual policies can be updated more easily. There is also a need to consider the relationship between the employment contract and the Staff or Company Handbook.

Having considered the status of the Handbook it is then important to consider what policies and procedures it should contain.

Apart from disciplinary and grievance procedures employers can gain significant protection by having an Equal Opportunities Policy. It may also be useful to have a range of other policies, such as an anti-bribery policy, a data protection policy, a use of social media policy, a whistleblowing policy, an anti-harassment and bullying policy, as well as others dealing with practical day to day matters such as holiday and sickness procedures. There will also be a need for some policies which are linked to the particular business.

We are experienced in drafting policies to the specific needs of the business and can usually quote a fixed price for doing the work.

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