Advice on Managing Difficult Employees

Most businesses operating in the UK depend on people. People can be instrumental in enabling a business to grow and succeed. Unfortunately from time to time employees fail to live up to businesses expectations and they may have to be managed out of the business.

This could involve work place performance processes or disciplinary processes and there are cases where employees simply reach the end of the road and it is better to remove that employee, than for businesses to waste even more resource on them. The Government has recently introduced the concept of ‘protected conversations’ to assist with the process but in practice it has its limitations.

Companies should be aware of the need to act carefully when bringing the employment relationship to an end as the risk of claims is at its highest. Employers can be frustrated by what they feel is an inability to remove people from their business. There is always a solution to these problems it is just that they have to be handled with care with patience, with planning and with expertise.

Often Settlement Agreements are ultimately employed to ensure departure without comeback. Contact Davies and Partners specialist employment lawyers for advice on exit strategies.

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