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Advice on Disciplinary Grievance Process

Most employers have disciplinary and grievance procedures in place. Those that do not can find themselves in legal difficulties. Disciplinary and grievance procedures can be unwieldy, cumbersome, and not fit for purpose. It is a good idea for employers to review these processes from time to time to ensure that they are still fit for purpose.

Advice on Managing Difficult Employees

Most businesses operating in the UK depend on people. People can be instrumental in enabling a business to grow and succeed. Unfortunately from time to time employees fail to live up to businesses expectations and they may have to be managed out of the business.

Advice on National Minimum and Living Wage

The National Minimum wage is a relatively recent introduction. Now the UK’s Minimum Wage is amongst the highest in Europe.

Advice on Sickness Issues in the Workplace

Employee sickness issues can cause significant problems for a business, and they can lead to difficulties in working relationships.

Advice on Transfer Undertakings Protection of Regulations

TUPE - stands for Transfer of Undertakings Protection of Employment Regulations. These Regulations are aimed at protecting the employment rights of employees when a business transfers. In broad terms the employee moves from the selling employer to the buying employer on identical contractual terms. There are certain exceptions, for example full protection doesn’t always apply to pension rights. There are significant restrictions aimed at preventing the incoming employer from completing the takeover then harmonising the contractual terms with those of its existing employees.


Avoiding Discrimination Claims

Davies and Partners' specialist employment team has extensive experience of handling discrimination claims.  Discrimination law represents a ongoing threat for employers. However, with good preparation employers can put themselves in a better position to defend discrimination claims.

Company or Staff Handbooks Advice

Most businesses have a Company Handbook or a Staff Handbook in some shape or form. Often this has evolved over the years and can become quite unwieldy as well as out of date.

Drafting Contracts For Employment

All employees have contracts of employment whether they have been reduced to writing or not. It is far better for employers to set out the terms in writing. For a start there is a legal requirement to provide all employees with written particulars of the main terms of employment within 2 months of an employee starting in any event. Failure to do this gets an immediate “black mark” if an employer finds itself in Tribunal.

Employer Insurance & Retainer Services

Our aim is to make dealing with employment issues as straightforward and pain free as possible for businesses. We recognise that each business has separate requirements and we are totally flexible with the ways in which we offer our services to best meet the requirements of each business.

Expert Advice on Redundancy Issues

Davies and Partners' specialist employment team have a significant knowledge base in handling redundancy issues. Our expert employment lawyers have advised a wide range of business from small SME’s making one or two people redundant, through to large Plc’s, charities and educational establishments in managing significant restructures involving hundreds, if not thousands, of employees.


Holiday Pay Simplified - Online Advice

Holiday pay used to be a straight forward concept. The employer would pay the employee basic pay whilst on holiday. As a result of decisions in both National Courts and in the European Courts, the concept of holiday pay and what constitutes holiday pay has become somewhat complicated.

Mediation Services from our Experts

Davies and Partners' specialist employment law team provide a full range of Mediation services. Mediation has often been described as “turbo charged” negotiation.  It is a way of resolving disputes by consensus.  In the employment environment or workplace this can either be by resolving breakdowns in relationships between employees – known as workplace mediation – or it can be used to resolve disputes after an employee has left the employer – often termed employment mediation.

Training Services for Employers

Davies and Partners' specialist employment team can provide a range of training services for Employers.  It is important for employers, and managers within businesses and companies to be properly trained in how to conduct a disciplinary procedure, or a grievance procedure or indeed how to conduct oneself in an Employment Tribunal. Also, equality training can provide significant protection against discrimination claims.

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