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DP Employment Law Bristol Office

250 Aztec West
Park Avenue
BS32 4TR

Tel: 01454 619619
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Dx: 35007 Almondsbury

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Employment law in the UK acts as a control and regulatory function for the relationship between employers, employees and trade unions. Workers in the UK benefit through having a range of enforceable employment rights that set out a minimum standard for working conditions. Employers benefit through having a well-defined and regulated system that is relatively easy to follow. It might sometimes seem that employees benefit most through employment law, and in some ways they do, but having a properly regulated system that all interested parties have to follow ultimately benefits everyone.

While the law governing employment is well defined and set out, there can sometimes be disputes involving employers and employees, which might also involve one or more trade unions. One of the best employment law solicitors in Bristol is Davies and Partners Solicitors. Their team has 30 years of experience practicing employment law in the area, making them the solicitors of choice for employment law disputes in Bristol. Their team can offer legal services for employers and employees who are involved in any kind of employment dispute. They also offer bespoke insurance packages for employers.

Davies and Partners Solicitors can help employers by ensuring their disciplinary and grievance procedures are fit for purpose, and that they are properly adhering to the ACAS Code of Practice on disciplinary and grievance processes. The company has considerable experience in providing advice to employers about managing difficult employees, especially when terminating an employment contract is deemed to be the best solution.

Sickness issues are always difficult to deal with in any workplace. Davies and Partners Solicitors can offer advice to employers on all aspects of sickness in the workplace, drawing from their substantial experience in these matters.

Employers can also benefit from the services of a significant knowledge base in handling redundancy issues by having the specialist team draft employee contracts of employment. While a contract of employment is deemed to exist, whether it is in writing and signed by both parties, or not, it is always best practice to have a written employment contract that lays out the precise conditions and expectations for each party. Redundancy is another part of employment that can be complex if the employer is not properly prepared. Handling redundancy issues is one of the key specialisms of Davies and Partners Team in Bristol.

Unfair dismissal is a common problem for employees. Davies and Partners Solicitors are well versed in the intricacies of employment law on this issue, and are well placed to help any employee who thinks he or she may have been dismissed unfairly.

Disciplinary hearings are often a stressful time for employees. Their continued employment may be at risk, which is why it is essential that any employee undergoing a disciplinary process should be in possession of the best legal advice. Davies and Partners Solicitors has a wealth of experience in such matters and can offer the best of advice in disciplinary issues.

Nigel Tillott, Legal Director and Head of Employment law, Gareth Price, an associate solicitor in the company, and Ian Pettifer, a specialist in employment law provide the team who support clients in the Bristol area ( .
You can contact the team for more information by calling, 01454 619619, and can arrange an appointment to visit them at the Bristol offices at, 135 Aztec West, Almondsbury, Bristol, BS32 4UB. There is free Car parking available.