Advice on Disciplinary Grievance Process

Most employers have disciplinary and grievance procedures in place. Those that do not can find themselves in legal difficulties. Disciplinary and grievance procedures can be unwieldy, cumbersome, and not fit for purpose. It is a good idea for employers to review these processes from time to time to ensure that they are still fit for purpose. Seemingly simply matters need some thought, for example should the procedures have contractual effect? Also should they apply to all employees? If not who should be excluded? Davies and Partners specialist employment team can provide a review and drafting service for employers.

Smaller employers who have a benign employer/employee relationship sometimes struggle when they are presented with a grievance or when they need to take disciplinary action. It can be reassuring for them to have access to competent legal advice to guide them through these processes and to ensure that they follow a fair and legally sound procedure. Employment Tribunals are unforgiving on employers who usually through ignorance fail to follow a recognised disciplinary procedure, and fail to follow the ACAS Code of Practice on disciplinary and grievance processes. It is important not to fall into that trap.

Large employer with HR departments often recognise the potential downside of getting a disciplinary or grievance process wrong and sometimes use us as they go through such processes. Employers can find our retainer services particularly useful when facing disciplinary or grievance processes. Please call Davies and Partners specialist employment lawyers for further advice on disciplinary and grievance procedures.

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