Advice on Sickness Issues in the Workplace

Sickness issues can cause significant problems in the day to day working activities of a business, and they can lead to difficulties in working relationships.

Sickness issues might involve an employee who “throws a sickie” usually on a Monday or a Friday and has gained or is gaining a history of short duration but frequent absences.

The monitoring of sickness absence needs careful attention by employers and having proper policies and procedures in a company handbook or contract may assist. Employers may also face other issues in respect of employees who may have underlying medical conditions that lead them to have either frequent short term absences or longer spells off work.

Such scenarios require quite careful handling both from an employee relations point of view and from a legal perspective.

The employee may have a disability as defined by The Equality Act of 2010 (previously the Disability Discrimination Act). These situations are complex and need to be handled with particular care as claims can be expensive to fight and substantial claims can be made.

Davies and Partners has substantial experience of advising employers in managing these complex and challenging situations of employee sickness.  If you would like to discuss Employee sickness or any other employment law issues, please contact our team. 

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