The termination of an employment contract can be a difficult decision, and needs to be carefully considered before being undertaken. It is important to appreciate where you as the employer stand legally as regards the termination of an employment contract. Once you have fully understood the consequence of any action you might take, then you will be in the position to make a rationally thought out decision. With Davies and Partners Solicitors, we will take the time to discuss your situation with you and help you to reach a satisfactory resolution that keeps you within the law, whatever employment issue you are faced with.

The termination of an employment contract is allowed, but it is important that it is a fair dismissal. A fair dismissal may occur when the employee’s conduct or capability is not up to the standard required. For example a person who is unable to perform their job, or one who is able to carry out their job, but is reluctant to do so. The other reasons for fair dismissal include redundancy or your employee being no longer able to carry out their job, for example a driver who has lost their licence.

If you carry out the termination of an employment contract for invalid reasons, you risk being accused of wrongful, or unfair dismissal. These are various forms of dismissal, and with all of them you can be taken to an employment tribunal by your former employee. An employment tribunal can be a lengthy and expensive process, so it is important to ensure that should you end up in the situation where you have no alternative but to dismiss an employee, you do so in a fair and legal manner. It is important to try and resolve situations before you resort to dismissal, as often a matter that is discussed can then be resolved without the need for more drastic action.

If you are considering a termination of an employment contract, we would advise you seek legal advice before you do so, as you do not want to be faced with the after effects of an employment tribunal. When you come to Davies and Partners Solicitors, we will take the time to listen to you and your situation. We will help you to understand your choices, offer alternative options if appropriate, and support you with your employment concerns. We have over 25 years of providing legal services to both employers and employees and we have the knowledge and experience to be sure that the advice we offer you is the right path for you to take. We always act with the utmost integrity to ensure that all employment issues are resolved in a fair and legal manner, whilst providing you with the outcome that you desire.

For more advice on the termination of an employment contract and to discuss any employment issues that you may be facing, please contact Davies and Partners Solicitors.


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