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Fixed Term Employment Contract

A fixed term employment contract refers to a contractual relationship or agreement setting out the exact date when a specific term or period expires. For example, an employee hired to carry out construction on a property may be given a fixed term contract by the employer that states when the contract will end. It can be difficult to ascertain whether or not an employee is on a fixed-term contract. Common examples of people on such contracts include those covering for maternity leave, a specialist employee hired for a specific project and a casual employee hired for up to six months during a peak period.

How to draft a fixed term contract

If you’re planning on hiring an employee for a specific period of time, a fixed term contract is required. This not only protects you as the employer, but it also ensures that the employee is treated fairly and knows his or her rights. Many businesses need legal advice for drafting fixed term employment contracts because any errors or ‘holes’ in the contract could lead to more serious problems to arise in the future. Failure to provide a contract with the main terms of employment within two months of an employee’s start date can lead to the employer receiving an immediate ‘black mark’ if they find themselves in Tribunal and probably an award against it.

Why choose Davies and Partners?

Drafting a fixed term employment contract requires attention to detail and accuracy. For example, careful thought needs to be given to what happens if things go wrong during the fixed term.

When drafting a fixed-term contract, the employer should seek proper legal advice for drafting, using and terminating the contract. It should be clear about when the contract will expire, leaving no room for ambiguous assumptions. A notice clause should also be written clearly, providing the employer with the option to terminate the contract without being in breach of that same contract.

Here at Davies and Partners, we know exactly how to advise you on such matters. As an employer, it’s important that you take careful thought and consideration to introducing terms that best protect your business. We understand these concerns and are often asked to review and draft employment contracts. These include everything from part-time contracts to zero hours contracts. With over 25 years of experience providing specialist legal services to both employers and employees alike, we are more than qualified to help you draft a law-abiding fixed term employment contract.

We are fully committed to using our specialist expertise to offer clear and informative legal advice and support to any employer looking for assistance in drafting an employment contract, whether that be for a fixed term position or something more permanent.