Unfair Dismissal Lawyers

Employees can find themselves dismissed from their position for various reasons. A dismissal is usually classed as fair if an employer can provide reasons related to an employee’s conduct or capability, or because of a redundancy. Some dismissals are classed as automatically unfair if the reason for dismissal concerns an employee exercising their rights relating to pregnancy and maternity, family matters, representation, union membership and recognition, employment status, pay or working hours. As of 2016, 46% of all unfair dismissal claims were successful, with the average claim award standing at £7,332. If you feel you’ve been unfairly dismissed and feel you’re entitled to compensation, taking your case to unfair dismissal lawyers is highly recommended.

Understanding Your Rights

Once you’ve been threatened with dismissal from your role, or have been formally dismissed, you may wish to seek advice from a third party to resolve the issue through mediation, arbitration and conciliation. Employees who are part of a trade union can also seek advice from their union representative. If attempts at resolution fail, the next step is usually to take your case to an employment tribunal.

Qualifying Employment Periods for Claims

In order to make a claim of unfair dismissal at a tribunal, you need to have worked for a minimum period for your employer. If you’re officially classed as an employee and began work with your employer on or after 6 April 2012, the qualifying period is usually 2 years. It is worth noting that you have to make a claim for unfair dismissal within 3 months of being dismissed from your job.

Experts in Employment Law

Here at Davies and Partners Solicitors, you’ll find an established team of employment law experts on hand to help you pursue your unfair dismissal case and claim the compensation you deserve. Our team has experience in all matters of employment law, with a proven track record of success in representing both employers and employees at all levels. Our team includes Nigel Tillott, Gareth Price and Ian Pettifer, all qualified lawyers since the early 1980’s, who have built up impressive portfolios of successful cases in every aspect of employment law. Fully versed in practice and procedures of employment tribunals and County and County and High Court, they have advised on matters including breaches of contract, unfair dismissal and constructive dismissal, along with all aspects of discrimination.

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