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With over 80 years of combined employment law experience, Davies and Partners Solicitors is one of the most successful and widely regarded employment law firms in the country. We have been providing our specialist legal services to both employers and employees under the Davies and Partners banner for more than 25 years.

Our team of highly skilled employment lawyers is dedicated to providing smart, practical and reliable legal advice on all employment law issues. Furthermore, we can provide prompt legal advice and guidance anywhere in the UK and we have offices in Gloucester, Bristol, Birmingham and London.

Our employment law specialists are experts in all aspects of employment law, as well as specialists within specific fields, nationally recognised as leaders in their practice areas. These areas include a variety of key employment sectors such as construction, property, the NHS, the Police Service, the Prison Service, charities, care, education and employment agencies.

Some of the services we offer...

At Davies and Partners Solicitors we cover every area of employment law, offering advice to employers in the following areas: Disciplinary Grievance Process, Managing Difficult Employees, National Minimum and Living Wage, Sickness Issues in the Workplace, TUPE (Transfer Undertakings Protection of Regulations), Avoiding Discrimination Claims, Company or Staff Handbooks, Drafting Contracts For Employment, Employer Insurance & Retainer Services, Redundancy Issues, Simplified Holiday Pay and both Mediation and Training Services, Termination, Tribunal Claims and Resolving Employment Disputes.

As far as employees are concerned we offer advice on Unfair Dismissal, Constructive Dismissal, Disciplinary Issues/Hearings, Employee Grievance Issues, Discrimination Cases, Redundancy Issues and advice and protection for Whistle Blowers and advise on Termination including Settlement Agreements.

We also specialise in drawing up Settlement Agreements, which are documents drafted by employers that set out the agreed terms under which an employee leaves an organisation.

Our core Employment Law team...

At Davies and Partners, we are very fortunate to have three such dedicated employment law consultants as part of our core team...

* Nigel Tillott

With a wealth of Employment Law experience, Nigel Tillott has been offering expert advice to both employers and employees for almost 30 years. In that time, he has gained significant experience and unparalleled knowledge of every area of employment law. Nigel heads up the Davies and Partners employment team and amongst his areas of excellence are: redundancy planning, settlement agreements, discrimination claims, tribunal claims, contract drafting and the conclusion of employment relationships. He is also well-versed in the provision of employment law training. He is also an experience Workplace and Post Employment Mediator.

* Gareth Price

A qualified lawyer since 1981, Gareth Price has a great deal of experience in every aspect of employment law and takes pride in the provision of cost-effective advice to his clients. He specialises in the following areas: restrictive covenants, all aspects of discrimination, breaches of contract, unfair and constructive dismissal and the intricacies of TUPE transfers and Settlement Agreements. Gareth is also a regular at employment tribunals whenever the need arises, and he is very familiar with the practices and procedures of Employment Tribunals and both County and High Court.

* Ian Pettifer

With more than two decades of Employment Law experience, Ian Pettifer has worked with an incredibly wide range of organisations, in a variety of different industries and sectors. He advises directors, employees, companies of all sizes, including both public sector and not-for-profit institutions such as care providers, charities and educational bodies.

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