Employment Law – Notice Period

If your employer wishes to terminate your employment, it is usually required to give a period of notice to you. The statutory notice period is the minimum legal notice period required to be given before terminating your employment. Your employment contract may entitle you to greater notice. The statutory notice period depends on the length of your continuous employment for the organisation.

  • One week notice - where you have been continuously employed for more than one month but less than two years.
  • Two weeks’ notice - where you have been continuously employed for longer than two years.

Beyond two years, you are entitled to an additional week’s notice for each full year of continuous employment up to a maximum of twelve weeks. Therefore, if you had been continuously employed for six years you would be entitled to six weeks notice.

As an employee, you are only required by statute to give one week’s notice to quit employment no matter your length of service. However, your contract of employment may require you to give more notice.

The exception to the statutory notice period is where your employment is terminated for gross misconduct. This is a serious act such as violence or physical abuse, theft, a major breach in health and safety policy or gross negligence. Your employer usually sets out in your employment contract or a staff handbook what issues would constitute a gross misconduct. If you are accused of gross misconduct, a fair disciplinary process is usually followed to avoid tribunal claims.

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