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Employment Law Sickness

If you employ people in your business, you need to understand where you stand with regards to Employment Law Sickness. At Davies and Partners Solicitors we are a leading specialist in Employment Law Sickness and with our knowledge we are ideally placed to give you expert advice to ensure that you always act within the bounds of the law. We advise both employers and employees in this delicate area of employment law.

There are various issues that commonly arise with Employment Law Sickness and employees need to appreciate the differences between them, to safeguard the response towards sick employees. The relationship between a business and its employees is vital to the ongoing success of the company and needs to be managed carefully. In order to increase the output generated by its workforce an employer needs to build mutually respectful relationships, so that in the event of any issues arising they have good, open communication that enables them to resolve any conflicts.

The classic “pulling a sickie” is a common problem that many workplaces struggle with. These “sickies” often occur on a Monday or Friday and can lead to resentment among other workers, who may be forced to cover their colleagues’ absences on a regular basis. Acting swiftly is the key to resolving this problem, as it important not to let a precedent develop. Davies and Partners Solicitors are well versed in dealing with the legal aspect of this type of absence, and can provide sound advice to help you tackle this problem before it causes you difficulties.

Employees who have an underlying medical condition that may force them to take frequent or extended breaks from work, also require delicate handling with regard to Employment Law Sickness. Again, establishing open communication is extremely important, as those employees who feel supported in their return to work after a period of sickness, will find the transition back into work easier. Phased returns can be one option to facilitate a supported return.

A challenging area of employment law sickness relates to those employees who may have a disability as defined by The Equality Act of 2010. These situations can be extremely sensitive and require delicate handling, as if mishandled employers may find themselves liable for claims against them at a later date. Davies and Partners Solicitors have a wealth of experience in such matters, and can assist you in dealing with such situations.

Employers need to make sure that they are clear in their boundaries with their employees, so that potentially difficult situations are not allowed to develop. Employees who are appreciated and valued will tend to go the extra mile to ensure that their work is carried out diligently and to a high standard. Employees with sickness challenges often need to understand the extent to which employment law protects them and what action employers are entitled to take.

For more advice on Employment Law Sickness whether you are an employer or an employee and to discuss any employment issues that you may be facing, please contact Davies and Partners Solicitors.