Gareth Price qualified lawyer since 1981

Gareth Price has been qualified as a lawyer since 1981. He has experience in all aspects of employment law and he has represented both employers and employees.

He takes pride in being able to provide cost effective advice to his clients, he is fully conversant in all aspects of employment law, he has advised on the intricacies of TUPE transfers, restrictive covenants, breaches of contract unfair and constructive dismissal, and all aspects of discrimination. He is a regular attendee at employment tribunals should the need arise and he is fully conversant in the practice and procedures of both the employment tribunal and County and High Court.

The vast majority of his work arises from referrals from other clients and these are just a few examples set out below:

Recent client quotes:

"Thank you Gareth for your time today and your insight, I will recommend you to anyone that is seeking legal advice as you certainly seem more human than what I have experienced in the past. I understand that there is little I can do legally in this instance but it was actually a relief just to have someone listen to me, you are an asset to the company you work for and your profession." Simon Baker, Lawyers Online

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you so much for your work, time and understanding of my claim. The service I have received has been exceptional." RD on race/religious discrimination

"Thank you for your help. We will certainly use you again in the future." HPR Ltd advice re restrictive covenant. Advice given to company in relation to post employment restrictions.

"Thank you for keeping me informed. I am so grateful for your support and advice through this difficult time." DW severance terms

"I thank you so much for resolving my claim so effectively." DT unfair dismissal, exemption from two year qualifying period due to health and safety reasons

"Gareth I am so grateful to you the advice that I have received and the promptness with which I have received it has been outstanding." VC advice to director on lock in agreement following a TUPE Transfer

"I am so grateful for the clear and unambiguous advice that you have given in this case and the promptness with which you have given it." MG advice to director and shareholder on investment agreement and restrictive covenant

"I thank you for expeditious way in which you have resolved this painful and difficult dispute. You reduced complex analysis to simple and straightforward and pragmatic advice thank you so much". DP director and shareholder severance

"Dear Gareth the one thing that has impressed me during your representation on my case is your ability to listen absorb the facts and advise in a clear and succinct way. I thank you for resolving my claim so successfully in what has been a very difficult and challenging part of my life." VS claim for sex discrimination, bullying harassment and unfair dismissal

"Dear Gareth I thank you for your attention to detail, systemic planning thorough analysis and clear advice." HV Ltd complex organisational restructure and redundancy

"Thank you for resolving this for me. The case was very painful but you made it easier for me to understand, come to terms with, and find resolution. GC senior manager severance agreement

"The prompt way issues were dealt with was really positive for myself. Gareth made me feel he was really working for my best interest and gave an honest opinion. Gareth came across as a very calm person who also gave an air of confidence to me. It was also refreshing to be spoken to as an equal and not spoken to like a fool." Mrs DI represented on unfair dismissal claim

"I couldn't have asked for more." DK director breach of contract dispute

"I was very happy with the service I received." MB unfair dismissal case

 "I couldn't have asked for more speedy clear efficient." BP advice on settlement agreement


Additional Information

Gareth has vast experience in advising employees who face a variety of problems with their employers. Areas of advice:

• Unfair dismissal
• Constructive Dismissal
• Redundancy claims
• Grievance procedures
• Disciplinary processes
• Race discrimination claims
• Sex discrimination claims
• Disability related claims
• Gender discrimination claims
• Religious belief claims
• Compromise Agreements
• Settlement Agreements
• Severance Agreements
• Bullying and Harassment claims
• Misuse of employer internet and e mail
• Employment related Social Media issues including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
• National Minimum wage claims
• Breaches of Working Time Regulations
• Unlawful deduction from wages claims
• Unpaid wages claims
• Dismissals for medical incapability
• Issues arising from TUPE transfers
• Drafting of Contracts of Employment
• Service Agreements
• Company policies and procedures
• Company Handbooks
• Confidentiality Agreements
• Restrictive Covenants
• Training Agreements
• Whistleblowing claims

Gareth also represents a broad variety of employers from small partnerships employing a few people to large employers and large employers employing 100's of people.

He has a keen interest in restrictive covenant cases. He frequently advises on confidentiality issues where appropriate, drafting and issuing proceedings in the High Court and County Court for damages claims against employees for breaches of covenant and breaches of obligations of confidentiality and fiduciary.

He has advised, in the last 5 years in particular, significant numbers of employers who have had to restructure their businesses and made large scale and small scale redundancies within their organisation.

He drafts Settlement Agreements (formerly Compromise Agreements), often at very short notice and at a fixed cost. He gives advice to employers in a practical commonsense way on how to neutralise the risk of claims and the hand-holding of employers who find themselves placed with managing difficult employees who present a wide variety of challenging issues for employers, such as:

• Timekeeping issues
• Managing short-term and long-term sickness
• Bullying issues
• Bank holidays, shift working, sleepovers
• Advice on Working Time Directive issues
• Effective handling of employee grievances
• Removing the "employee from hell"
• Employment related social media issues, internet and email misuse
• Redundancy and corporate restructure issues, how to organise and implement them
• How to avoid claims for unfair dismissal or constructive dismissal
• Handling Tribunal claims when necessary

Cases that Gareth has been involved in include:

1. Acting on behalf of a Charity where serious wrong-doing took place with a Finance Director and Chief Executive Officer. Instructions received through Trustees of the Charity led to suspension and dismissal of both. Applications to the High Court to freeze the assets of both, and disclosure of various bank accounts. Proceedings instituted to recover damages and costs in the High Court.

2. Acting for various Care Homes and Childrens' Nurseries, resisting claims for unfair and constructive dismissal, breaches of contract, unlawful deductions of wages, notice pay disputes, sexual harassment, acting for an female employee who was subjected to "banter" and "innuendo", email from line manager. The female employee over a period of time became quite stressed and most unwell coupled with total lack of support from HR led to claims of constructive dismissal and sex discrimination. Case won and substantial damages awarded.

3. Case involving female employee who discovered employer had been secretly filming another female employee changing within the workplace. Complex whistleblowing issues. Proceedings issued and settled post-issuing of proceedings.

4. Representing employee with substantial issues involving work-related stress. Dismissed by employer. Proceedings settled with substantial damages on eve of Tribunal for breach of the Equality Act 2010 (Disability).

5. Representing a team of executives employed by a large industrial company who decided to set up own business. They were at the receiving end of a restrictive covenant injunction and orders for disclosure of computers, personal email accounts and damages. Claims settled upon providing appropriate and satisfactory undertakings for the duration of the restrictive period, but no costs or damages awarded.

6. Acting on behalf of an employer in a claim brought by an employee's former employer who alleged breach of restrictive covenant. Negotiations led to resolution that was satisfactory to both existing and former employer and employee.

7. Acting for an employer in claims for damages and an injunction against two former employees for breach of confidentiality involving the transfer of sensitive company information for the employees' own benefit and for that of prospective employers. Employees restrained from joining new enterprise, significant costs recovered and undertakings given.

8. Acting for senior HR employee in relation to a dispute with her employer for constructive dismissal and sex discrimination.

9. Acting for employer in securing undertakings from employee not to work for direct competitor.

10. Acting for CEO of large company in relation to a severance agreement and pension rights.

11. Acting for employee on long-term sick faced with summarily dismissal by employee. Claim settled for breach of the Equality Act (Disability), unlawful deductions from wages, notice pay monies and breach of the employer's obligations in respect of holiday pay under the Working Time Directive.

12. Acting for senior executive and shareholder in SME Company in relation to shareholding, valuation, notice monies and claim for damages arising from fall-out with co-50/50 shareholder and director.

13. Acting for series of SME's in relation to their restructuring processes during the troubled times of the recession. Literally 100's of redundancies affected without claims for unfair dismissal.

Additional Info

  • Position: Associate
  • Location: Gloucester & Bristol
  • Telephone: Gloucester: 01452 612345 Bristol: 01454 619619
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