Information on Tattoos in the Workplace

Monday, 03 October 2016 11:25

The conciliation service ACAS have recently carried out a survey into tattoos and their place in the workplace.

Many organisations have very strict dress codes which state that no tattoos should be visible. This is particularly prevalent in the airline industry.

ACAS have recently commissioned a survey which found that many employers have a widespread prejudice against employees, particularly in customer-facing roles, having tattoos.

A YouGov poll in 2015 suggested that 1/5 of UK adults now have tattoos, with those under 40 years old significantly more likely to have them.

Many police forces have strict rules on the visibility of tattoos, and whilst they are not banned altogether they cannot be visible to the public.

The research found that many employers could be missing out significantly on high quality applicants because of their policies on tattoos. The legal position is that businesses may require tattoos to be covered up in the workplace if they have a business case for doing so, but many of the policies may well be out of date and no longer in line with modern trends.

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Author: Gareth Price


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